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Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Charged With Workers’ Compensation Fraud? Contact an Albany Criminal Defense Lawyer

Social Security fraud and workers’ compensation fraud are real problems which government officials guard against all the time. In their zeal to prevent abuse and punish offenders, they may snare innocent people whose cases are misunderstood.

Have you been accused of workers’ compensation fraud? Are you under investigation for lying in order to obtain benefits? Perhaps it is alleged that you lied about the time and place of an accidental injury in order to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Perhaps investigators insinuated that you submitted falsified medical records based on lies to doctors.

If your case is in the investigation phase, there may be opportunities to mitigate the damage. If you have already been charged, your legal situation is urgent and you should talk to an Albany criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What Should You Do If You Are Being Investigated for Workers’ Compensation Fraud in Albany?

If the NY State Office of the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Inspector General is investigating you for workers’ comp fraud, it is imperative that you do not delay in speaking with an experienced Albany criminal defense lawyer. Any party to workers’ compensation fraud can be the subject of an investigation in Albany. An attorney who is familiar with the complex workers’ comp fraud process can help you address the investigation before the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board forwards the results and issues a recommendation to a Manhattan prosecutor.

You need to act quickly because workers’ compensation fraud is a felony offense. If you are charged with workers’ comp fraud for the first time, it is considered a class E felony, punishable by up to four years in state prison. If you already have a previous conviction for workers’ comp fraud, a subsequent violation is upgraded to a class D felony, punishable by a term of incarceration of up to seven years in state prison.

The mere fact that you are being investigated for workers’ comp fraud does not mean that you are guilty. Many times, an investigation is triggered by a red flag that can be easily explained. For example, perhaps you didn’t immediately report your work-related accident because you were stuck in the hospital and did not have access to the proper channels at the time. You deserve to have your side of the story heard before a judgment is rendered against you. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the complex workers’ compensation process and ensure that your legal rights are protected every step of the way.

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Workers’ compensation fraud charges may cancel your workers’ comp claim and may result in formal criminal charges. A conviction may seriously impair your future and your freedom. Don’t take chances by waiting until it’s too late. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your white collar criminal defense matter with an attorney, call our law office in Albany or email us directly.

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