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Business Fraud

Albany Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling Federal Business Fraud Cases

High-profile accounting scandals that received national media attention early in this decade have resulted in authorities more aggressively investigating business activity. Executives and others in companies of all sizes are now commonly targeted by federal government agencies.

The majority of business fraud cases are prosecuted in federal court where federal sentencing guidelines make prison time a near-certainty for most convictions. If you are charged with any form of business fraud or have been contacted as part of an investigation in Albany, New York or surrounding areas, we encourage you to contact us now.

James E. Tyner and the legal team at Tyner Legal are available to help you right now. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Albany criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your rights and options. 

Successful Experience Handling Complex Federal and State Cases

Our firm, led by proven Albany criminal defense attorney James E. Tyner, has substantial experience defending people accused of various forms of fraud and other white collar offenses. We are well equipped to advise you, represent you, and build the best possible case for trial, if necessary to protect your interests, in cases of alleged:

  • Embezzlement, Larceny or other types of unjust enrichment
  • Mail Fraud or wire Fraud, including activity over the Internet
  • Filing of False SEC Declarations or any type of Securities Fraud
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Misrepresentation of Assets in a Business Transaction
  • Enterprise Corruption

Serious Consequences for Business Fraud in Albany, New York

In some cases, multiple charges can stem from the same fraudulent activity. For example, mail & wire fraud is often connected to a RICO violation for enterprise corruption. Not surprisingly, a conviction for committing business fraud which, in any way, links back to a criminal organization can result in severe penalties, including a sentence of up to 25 years in state prison and a fine of up to three times the amount derived from the criminal enterprise.

You Need Experienced Legal Counsel to Deal With the Authorities

Federal investigators often build high-profile business fraud cases by approaching those involved and implying that anything other than immediate “cooperation” with the investigation will have disastrous consequences.

Making Statements Without a Qualified Lawyer’s Advice May Be the Greatest Risk

You could not only unintentionally give the authorities evidence against your interests, but face other serious charges for making false official statements or obstruction of justice.

Any allegation or potential charge involving fraudulent business or financial activity calls for experienced and dedicated representation. Please call our office at 518-783-3800 or email us directly for an initial consultation to discuss your circumstances and the ways to protect your freedom.


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