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Orders of Protection

Have You Been Targeted in Restraining Order?

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If you have been named in an order of protection, you probably already know how disruptive this is to your life. You rightfully feel the need for access to your home, your property and perhaps your children.

The order of protection is most likely the result of a “he said-she said” set of facts. One person’s exaggerated or fraudulent complaint can turn another person’s lifestyle upside down. Your domestic partner or spouse may have requested the order of protection out of legitimate fears or concerns for safety — or he or she may have done so as a form of power play.

Once law enforcement has been brought into a domestic dispute, it is no longer private, no longer a family matter, no longer between two people. The complaining witness often uses an order of protection like a weapon — intending to incite fear, remorse or anguish with the person named.

Meanwhile, you have a life to live, a reputation to salvage and a future to protect. Trying to talk your way out of an order of protection is fruitless and often has unintended “boomerang” consequences. You need an experienced defense attorney who has demonstrated effectiveness at resolving such issues.

Is your significant other now making peace offerings or suggesting paths of reconciliation after asking for an order of protection banishing you from your home? Whether or not this is the case, it requires an application to the court to have an order of protection modified. Talk to an Albay domestic violence attorney sooner rather than later.

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