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Archive by Month: September 2017

Teen Sexting: Should They Be Deemed Sex Offenders?

Fri Sep 29th, on Sex Crimes |

Within the United States, sex crimes are some of the most serious crimes a person can be accused of. A conviction for a sex crime can result not only in imprisonment, but in mandatory registration for...

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Federal Drug Defense Attorneys Take a Look at Possible IRS/DOJ Collusion Against Legal Marijuana Businesses

Fri Sep 22nd, on Drug Crimes |

Federal drug defense attorneys can provide legal representation to anyone who is accused of drug crimes on the federal level or on the state level.  While many states have relaxed their laws...

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Mandatory Minimums

Fri Sep 15th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

The United States has an over-incarceration problem, and many people believe that mandatory minimum sentences are a major cause of this problem.  Mandatory minimum sentences are imposed upon...

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Title IX Reforms

Fri Sep 8th, on Sex Crimes |

Title IX is a civil rights law which was passed more than 45 years ago by the U.S. congress to prohibit the exclusion of people based on the sex from any educational programs or activities that...

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