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Archive by Month: July 2017

Young Prisoners Serving Life Without Parole

Mon Jul 31st, on Probation & Parole Violations |

When you are faced with charges that carry a lengthy prison term, it is vital to talk with a New York defense lawyer to try to minimize the serious consequences you're facing or to try to avoid a...

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New DNA Tool is Helping to Crack Old Cases

Thu Jul 27th, on Criminal Investigations |

Scientific evidence can present challenges for accused defendants who are hoping to earn acquittals by defending against a prosecutor's case. The problem is, many members of the jury believe...

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Court Affirms New York State Law Governing Anonymous Juries

Thu Jul 20th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

In some criminal proceedings, the identity of jurors can be withheld. Typically, this occurs in sensitive cases where there may be a risk to the safety of the jury members or in situations where it is...

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Campus Rape Policies Get a New Look

Thu Jul 13th, on College Campus Crimes |

There are safeguards built into the criminal justice system to protect the rights of defendants who have been accused of sexual assault and related offenses – including the right to hire an attorney...

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