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Archive by Month: April 2017

DOJ Backing Away from Oversight of Police Departments with Consent Decrees

Fri Apr 28th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Some police departments throughout the United States have been accused of not respecting the civil rights of community members. In particular, there have been specific police departments which have...

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Efforts are Underway in New York City to Make Revenge Porn a Crime

Wed Apr 26th, on Sex Crimes |

A New York City federal sex crime defense attorney can defend individuals accused of various types of sexual offenses. There are many different kinds of behaviors that could result in criminal charges...

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NY Considers Wider DNA Net to Help Solve Hard Cases

Fri Apr 21st, on Criminal Investigations |

DNA has been used to help police track down individuals who allegedly violated the law. When crimes are committed, the perpetrator often leaves skin, blood, or other genetic material at the crime...

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Millions of Dollars Taken by Police from Motorists Who Aren't Charged With Crimes

Wed Apr 19th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

A New York federal criminal defense attorney can provide representation to individuals who are accused of wrongdoing and facing legal penalties. When you've been accused of committing a crime, you...

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Will Rikers Island Close?

Fri Apr 14th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

When you have been accused of violating the law, one of the big reasons it is so important to work with skilled Albany criminal defense attorneys is because conviction for many criminal offenses could...

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Is It Constitutional to Ban Sex Offenders From Social Media?

Wed Apr 12th, on Sex Crimes |

In 2010, a man posted on Facebook after his traffic ticket was dismissed. His post said, “God is good.” While many millions of people post similarly innocuous statements on Facebook every day,...

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