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Archive by Month: March 2017

Is this U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Sex Offenders Based on a Myth?

Fri Mar 31st, on Sex Crimes |

Hundreds of court decisions in the United States rely on the premise that there is a “frightening and high” rate of recidivism among sexual offenders. Both lower court decisions and Supreme Court...

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NY Lawmakers Propose Domestic Violence Registry

Mon Mar 27th, on Domestic Violence |

One of the most significant penalties that results after a conviction for a sex offense is a requirement to register as an offender. Registration impacts job opportunities, affects where a person can...

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U.S. Attorney General Describes Marijuana as Being Only Slightly Less Dangerous Than Heroin

Fri Mar 24th, on Drug Crimes |

When President Donald Trump chose Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States, many advocates for marijuana legalization or decriminalization were concerned. Sessions has spoken out against...

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“Raise the Age” Campaign Moves Closer to Success

Wed Mar 22nd, on Sex Crimes |

New York is one of only two states which has a practice of charging younger teens as adults when those teens break the law. In New York, teens ages 16 and 17 who are accused of crimes will be charged...

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Rising Deportation Risks Raises Stakes for the Undocumented Who Face Charges

Mon Mar 20th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

When President Obama was in office, he provided guidance on immigration that aimed to keep families together and focused on deporting undocumented immigrants who had committed only serious offenses....

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Schenectady Drug Defense Lawyer Takes a Look at the Opioid Crisis and Crackdown

Fri Mar 17th, on Drug Crimes |

In many situations, when policymakers perceive a “crisis” connected to drugs or alcohol, they react by imposing even stricter penalties and becoming more aggressive in taking legal action against...

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