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Archive by Month: February 2017

Teens Remain the Target of “Operation Crew Cut” Raids

Tue Feb 28th, on Criminal Investigations |

Aggressive efforts to fight crime can often result in undesirable outcomes when a misguided attempt to bolster law and order ends up terrifying families and communities.  Unfortunately, from...

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Criminal Justice Reform Bills Introduced In NY

Fri Feb 24th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Criminal justice reform has long been a hot button issue at both the federal and state levels. There is a major over-incarceration problem in the United States, in part because of three strikes laws...

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Combatting Crime: A Look at the Latest Executive Orders

Wed Feb 22nd, on Violent Crimes |

President Donald J. Trump signed three executive orders recently which were described by the Trump administration as “designed to restore safety in America,” to “break the back” of cartels and...

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Can a Judge Sentence a Sex Offender to Celibacy Until Marriage?

Thu Feb 16th, on Sex Crimes |

Sex offenders are treated very harshly within the criminal justice system. The severity of the penalties for sex offenses and the potentially life-long implications of conviction for a sex offense...

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Even the Innocent Could Be Charged A Fee For Getting Arrested

Tue Feb 14th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

In the United States, you should not be deprived of your property without due process of the law. Before government authorities can impose fines or other penalties on you, you should be given the...

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Could Amazon’s Echo be a Witness in a Murder Case?

Fri Feb 10th, on Violent Crimes |

Today, many people voluntarily bring digital devices into their homes. Many of these devices regularly record or track the conversations and activities of the device owners.  This is having profound...

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