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Archive by Month: January 2017

Crimes Are Being Filmed And Broadcast On Facebook Live

Fri Jan 27th, on Violent Crimes |

Facebook Live is a digital platform that allows people to broadcast live video to their followers and to the public. The social media platform is supposed to be used for personal and professional...

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Criminal Records Are Keeping Millions Of Men Out Of The Workforce

Wed Jan 25th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Fighting conviction with the help of federal drug defense attorneys is of vital importance for many reasons. One big reason why you want to fight hard against being convicted of a crime is to avoid...

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What Makes A Crime A Hate Crime?

Fri Jan 20th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Certain types of criminal behavior can be classified as hate crimes. In situations when a defendant is charged with a hate crime, the defendant can face harsher penalties than he would have faced if...

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Unequal Justice for the Poor in New York

Wed Jan 18th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Being represented by an attorney is one of the fundamental rights of criminal defendants. When you are represented by a skilled and knowledgeable Schenectady criminal defense attorney, you can develop...

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The Price of a Second Chance After a Crime

Fri Jan 13th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

A New York federal criminal defense attorney works to help clients get the best outcomes possible when they are accused of criminal wrongdoing. Avoiding a criminal record and jail time are usually top...

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New York Lawmakers Face Proposal to Lift Statute of Limitations on Sex Assault Crimes

Wed Jan 11th, on Sex Crimes |

A statute of limitations exists for most crimes because it is important to limit the amount of time a victim has to come forward and make accusations. It is not fair for people to live for years...

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