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Archive by Month: November 2016

Young Offenders: Why They Should Be Charged as Juveniles Instead of Adults

Fri Nov 25th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

When a young person is accused of committing a crime, he or she should be treated differently within the criminal justice system. There have been many efforts in New York to change how the justice...

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The Problem of Racism in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

Mon Nov 21st, on Criminal Investigations |

Every defendant who is accused of a crime should be treated fairly within the criminal justice system. All defendants should have the right to be represented by a knowledgeable federal criminal...

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Battling Rape: Is Expanding Incarceration the Answer?

Fri Nov 18th, on Sex Crimes |

Penalties for sex crimes are some of the harshest in the criminal justice system. That being the case, it is crucial for accused individuals to consult with a New York sex crimes defense attorney as...

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Understanding the New York Sex Offender Danger Level Ratings

Mon Nov 14th, on Sex Crimes |

According to, a former Syracuse police officer who was convicted of a sexual offense after molesting young boys was given a sex offender rating of level three.  By contrast, a serial...

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So, You Forgot to Take Your Medicine: Could You Face Charges if an Accident Occurs?

Fri Nov 11th, on Violent Crimes |

In 2015, a 57-year-old man in New York lost control of his car while he was driving on Halloween night. The man allegedly caused a motor vehicle accident that resulted in the tragic death of three...

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Nonconsensual Groping: Is it a Sex Crime?

Mon Nov 7th, on Sex Crimes |

Recent news stories of alleged incidents of groping by presidential candidate Donald Trump have inundated TV, radio and other media outlets.

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