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Archive by Month: October 2016

Evidence of Racial Bias: Supreme Court Considers Its Admissibility

Mon Oct 31st, on Criminal Investigations |

When a defendant is on trial for a crime, the case may go before a jury who will decide guilt or innocence. The makeup of the jury can have a major impact on whether the jury convicts or acquits....

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Safety Advocates Urge New Laws Related to Drugged Driving

Fri Oct 28th, on DWI |

Federal drug defense attorneys provide representation to defendants who have been accused of serious drug offenses, such as possession with intent to sell narcotics or distribution and drug...

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The Long-Term Effects of the War on Drugs

Wed Oct 26th, on Drug Crimes |

In the United States, the war on drugs has lasted for decades and it has done very little to effectively reduce drug use in this country. Instead, it has resulted in the United States incarcerating...

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The Holiday Season is Approaching: Beware of the DWI Crackdown

Mon Oct 24th, on DWI |

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be here before you know it. These holidays are some of the most commonly celebrated events of the season for many people throughout...

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A Troubling Trend: Teens are Being Prosecuted for Sexting

Fri Oct 21st, on Sex Crimes |

Laws against the sexual exploitation of a minor, or any laws relating to child pornography, exist for the purpose of protecting children. Very serious penalties are imposed on those who are convicted...

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Reduced Crime Rates in New York: Is Stop-and-Frisk Responsible for the Drop?

Wed Oct 19th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

In 2002, the practice of stop-and-frisk took off in New York City under the second term of police commissioner Raymond Kelly. Stop-and-frisk occurs when the police stop civilians, question them and...

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