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Credit Card Fraud

Allegations that you committed credit card fraud may have come about through one of these scenarios:

  • You allegedly used someone else’s credit card without their consent.
  • You allegedly used credit card numbers, which you obtained during a retail transaction by the owner of the credit card, to make unauthorized purchases.
  • You accepted payment via credit card for goods or services that you did not deliver, and the buyer reported the transactions to law enforcement.

Whatever the particulars of your credit card fraud defense needs, you are doing the right thing by searching for a credit card fraud attorney to advise and represent you.

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Credit Card Fraud Leads to Other Charges in New York City

Although theft of services and unlawful use of a credit card are both considered class A misdemeanors in New York’s five boroughs, including The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn, they are often associated with other, more serious crimes, including:

Larceny: The NY larceny statute proscribes the taking of property by false pretenses. This means that a person who uses someone else’s credit card to obtain goods, money, property, or services can be charged with larceny. In New York City, petit larceny is also considered a class A misdemeanor.

Grand Larceny: Petit larceny can be elevated to grand larceny when the value of the goods or property obtained with the stolen credit card exceeds $1,000. If the amount exceeds $3,000, the offender can be charged with third degree grand larceny (a class D felony) and sentenced to as many as seven years in New York State Prison.

Identity Theft: When a person uses someone else’s credit card, he or she is essentially assuming the credit card holder’s identity. Depending on the value of the goods obtained and whether any other high-level felonies were also committed, credit card theft in NYC or Brooklyn can lead to first degree identity theft charges (a class D felony) and a term of incarceration of up to seven years in NY State Prison.

Criminal Possession of Stolen Property: Merely being in possession of a stolen credit card in the Five Boroughs, including NYC, The Bronx or Staten Island, could lead to fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property charges. This is considered a class E felony, which is punishable by between one year and four years in state prison.

Forgery: Signing a credit card belonging to someone else could result in second degree forgery charges. This is a very serious crime, classified as a class D felony and punishable by up to seven years in state prison.

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