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Economic Crimes

Economic Crime Defense Attorney

An accusation of a white collar crime in New York often starts with a government investigation and could end with a large fine or even prison sentences. A sound defense begins by consulting with experienced economic crime defense attorney.

An Experienced Defense Attorney Can Help You Combat Charges

Since white collar crimes tend to involve financial fraud, white collar crime charges often lead to both criminal and civil litigation as injured parties seek restitution. That is why it’s absolutely imperative that you speak with an attorney who has experience handling these criminal offenses.

The first step in any white collar crime case will be to ensure that you are protected against criminal penalties, which are particularly severe for certain white collar crimes. An aggressive criminal defense attorney can help you combat fraud charges by fighting for you at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

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My practice includes defending people and businesses against any of a number of accusations, including:

Executives and employees of companies subject to government investigations for white collar crime will also find themselves facing civil lawsuits in state court from the people and companies alleging to have been harmed.

Work with attorney James E. Tyner who has significant experience defending people and companies against these types of claims.

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An accusation of white collar crime is often a double-edged sword. Not only can the government levy heavy fines and penalties – and send people to prison – but people and companies can be sued in civil court for damages related to the alleged fraud.

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