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Underage DWI

The legal drinking age in New York, with a few exceptions, is 21. It is illegal for minors to purchase alcoholic beverages and for commercial establishments to sell them wine, beer or hard liquor.

New York has zero tolerance for drinking and driving by underage drivers. Therefore, drivers under age 21 are held to higher standards than drivers over age 21. While adult drivers are considered to be breaking the law if their blood alcohol content is above certain levels, a driver under age 21 is not allowed to drive with any measurable alcohol in his or her body.

A juvenile offender also faces stiffer penalties than adults do. It is common for teenagers convicted of drinking and driving to have their driver’s licenses revoked until age 21, for example. Other negative consequences may be just as bad or worse: a DWI conviction will give a young person a criminal record. This is a poor way to start an academic career or working life. When you apply for a job and have to answer “yes” to the question about previous criminal convictions — and another applicant has no such black mark on his or her record — it is not hard to imagine the harm this can do.

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