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Felony DWI

New York DWI Attorney for Aggressive Felony DWI Defense

If you or someone you care about has ever been arrested for drunk driving or “driving while intoxicated” (DWI) in the past, you may be shocked to learn that a subsequent DWI may be a felony charge. Fairly recent changes in New York State laws extended the basic “look-back” period from five to 10 years. Consequently, even though a prior conviction occurred as long as 10 years ago, you may be dealing with felony DWI.

At The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC, you will find two New York felony DWI attorneys who are determined and non-judgmental, yet realistic. We are committed to helping our clients make the most beneficial and practical decisions about their felony DWI defense. To request a free consultation, please contact us now at our office in either Albany or Schenectady at 866-642-3807.

A Serious Charge That Calls for Experienced, Focused Legal Representation

It is critical to recognize that a felony DWI conviction, depending on your specific circumstances, can bring exposure to penalties such as a lengthy state prison sentence, huge fines, a lifetime driver’s license suspension, and/or the imposition of an ignition interlock device if you can retain your driving privileges.

There is no delicate way to say it, but it is true: There is a lot of bad advice out there about the best ways to deal with DWI charges. With the help of a proven, reputable DWI attorney, we will look at all circumstances of your arrest and level with you about how best to proceed.

Practical, Non-Judgmental Counsel You Can Count On

We understand the risk that comes with driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol. But, we also believe that everyone deserves to defend themselves in court. Even business people and professionals can wind up with a felony DWI charge or a misdemeanor DWI. We understand what is at stake, and can do what is necessary to challenge these allegations.

We are trial lawyers and skilled negotiators determined to reward your trust in us by marshalling all our resources and targeting an aggressive defense. For focused, aggressive legal representation by a DWI attorney who knows the area courts and the legal options in your case, call 866-642-3807 or email him directly.