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Our Search Warrant Lawyers Represent People Targeted in Illegal Search Warrants

Any interaction between yourself and law enforcement involving a warrant of any kind is a situation that demands experienced legal counsel. You are strongly urged not to attempt to deal with police on your own if you have been served with a search warrant, or if there is a warrant out for your arrest under any criminal charges.

A knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side can help protect you from being caught in the trap of an illegal search and seizure. If police obtained a search warrant without a cause or carried out delivery of that search warrant improperly, your drug possession or drug trafficking case may be dismissed before it amounts to a full-blown court case.

Entrust your questions and concerns regarding search warrants or warrants for your arrest in New York to an experienced lawyer like James Tyner. Mr. Tyner is available to evaluate both the warrant in question and the underlying criminal allegations, including drug crime, theft or Internet sex crime charges.

A search warrant allows for law enforcement to enter your home or your car to search for evidence of criminal activity. A conviction can alter your future life in many significant ways. Stop the assault on your freedom before it’s too late. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your warrant and criminal defense, call The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC in Albany, Schenectady or New York City at 866-642-3807 or email him directly.