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Search and Seizure

New York Federal Search and Seizure Defense Law

If a federal law enforcement agency infringed on your constitutional rights in connection with a criminal arrest, we would like to know about it. Our law firm focuses solely on federal and state criminal defense in New York. Every day and every week, we are hard at work standing up on behalf of our clients before government agents of all kinds, including prosecutors and judges — insisting that we will not let unconstitutional search and seizure tactics slide by when our clients have been criminally charged as a result.

Did the police perform a wire tap on your phone without following the proper procedures of applying for a search warrant and showing probable cause? Did law enforcement agents commit an illegal stop or an unlawful search to gather key evidence before arresting you for any crime, including the following:

  • An Internet crime
  • A state crime
  • A federal crime
  • A business crime
  • Drunk driving
  • A serious traffic offense
  • Domestic violence
  • An immigration crime such as human trafficking
  • A sex crime
  • A drug crime

Our attorneys are prepared to advocate zealously on your behalf if you have been charged with a crime in New York as a result of illegal search and seizure tactics.

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