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Domestic Violence

Vigorous Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Legitimate occurrences of domestic violence can be tragic, and the potential consequences should never be minimized. However, false and exaggerated domestic violence charges are also common because of the emotional nature of close relationships and the way our laws are enforced.

If you need an experienced, aggressive attorney to protect your rights, family and future, contact a New York domestic violence attorney today regarding charges such as the following:

Assertive, Experienced Protection From Harsh Consequences

When police in New York are called to deal with a domestic disturbance, they almost always arrest one of the people involved. Although this may be the only dependable way to separate the parties and prevent escalation, another common result is an unjustified criminal charge or an order of protection that will have serious consequences in your life.

At The Law Office of James E. Tyner, our New York domestic violence attorney will take a balanced, assertive approach to defending you against a charge or conviction that can expose you to:

  • A jail sentence and/or lengthy probation term
  • An order of protection (restraining order) that can disrupt your family relationships
  • Serious restrictions on basic rights, such as your right to possess a firearm
  • Loss of your job in law enforcement, security or other fields, and a criminal record that severely limits your future prospects for employment

Well prepared for Investigations, Negotiations or Trial

If you face false accusations, I will gather all available evidence and strive for a dismissal of charges. Revealing your accuser’s real motive, such as positioning for a divorce action, jealousy or basic anger, may be a critical step.

If your defense ultimately requires going to trial, you will be represented by a veteran lawyer with extensive experience in New York criminal courts. Alternatively, if you know you made a mistake and want to minimize the consequences, my firm has the negotiating skills and credibility to protect your most critical interests.

Please do not make the mistake of assuming domestic violence charges will go away or “get worked out.” Take a critical step to protect yourself: email James today or call 866-642-3807 now.