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The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC provides dedicated and proven representation in all types of criminal defense matters throughout New York. Whether you have been accused of assault, marijuana possession, rape, murder or any other type of state or federal crime, Albany criminal defense lawyer James E. Tyner is fully prepared to vigorously defend your case.  James E. Tyner is well known throughout Albany, the Capital District, and New York State for his ability to achieve successful outcomes in difficult and challenging criminal cases.

He has won dismissals and acquittals for clients charged with serious, high-profile state and federal felony offenses. With more than 15 years of collective experience, James E. Tyner has the capability to build a strong and strategic plan of attack in a full range of criminal cases, including:

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Whether you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation, you need to have a skilled defense attorney on your side who can explain your rights and protect your freedom. The Law Office of James E. Tyner offers free consultations and is available seven days a week phone service. Call James today at 866-642-3897 or email him directly to find out how The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC can help.

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I was referred to Mr. Tyner from a fellow colleague and I was more than impressed with the way he handled my case. From the first consultation, to the final decision, he thoroughly explained each step of the process. There was open communication which I found very helpful. I never hesitated to call and he was always there to answer any and all of my questions or concerns I had. He is very professional, efficient, and detail oriented. I would not hesitate to use Mr. Tyner in the future.