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The Long-Term Effects of the War on Drugs

Wed Oct 26th, on Drug Crimes |

In the United States, the war on drugs has lasted for decades and it has done very little to effectively reduce drug use in this country. Instead, it has resulted in the United States incarcerating...

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The Holiday Season is Approaching: Beware of the DWI Crackdown

Mon Oct 24th, on DWI |

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be here before you know it. These holidays are some of the most commonly celebrated events of the season for many people throughout...

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A Troubling Trend: Teens are Being Prosecuted for Sexting

Fri Oct 21st, on Sex Crimes |

Laws against the sexual exploitation of a minor, or any laws relating to child pornography, exist for the purpose of protecting children. Very serious penalties are imposed on those who are convicted...

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Reduced Crime Rates in New York: Is Stop-and-Frisk Responsible for the Drop?

Wed Oct 19th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

In 2002, the practice of stop-and-frisk took off in New York City under the second term of police commissioner Raymond Kelly. Stop-and-frisk occurs when the police stop civilians, question them and...

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Hopes for Criminal Justice Reform Fade

Thu Sep 29th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Criminal justice reform enjoys bipartisan support at the federal level because it is so clear that there are problems with the current rules for criminal prosecution. Unfortunately, despite strong...

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Restorative Justice: An Alternative to Incarceration?

Tue Sep 27th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

For defendants who seek legal help from a Schenectady criminal defense attorney, incarceration is often the worst fear when facing criminal charges. Being jailed can take you away from work and...

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America's Foremost Institution: Prison

Thu Sep 22nd, on Criminal Defense Articles |

In the United States, spending on prisons has increased at substantially higher rates than spending on schools. As Pacific Standard Magazine explains, state and local government spending on prisons...

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Proposed Law Seeks to Give Summer Camps Access to the Federal Sex Offender List

Tue Sep 20th, on Sex Crimes |

Many people who are charged with sex crimes are rightfully worried about the lasting impact of the charges, as well as the impact a conviction will have on their lives.  A sex crimes charge on your...

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Identifying Sex Offenders Via Their Passports: Is the Unique Identifier on the Passport Constitutional?

Thu Sep 15th, on Sex Crimes |

In February of 2016, President Barack Obama signed a law into effect which affects the ability of convicted sex offenders to travel. The law requires that a unique identifier be included by the U.S....

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The Sex Offender Registry: Should the Way in Which it is Used Be Changed?

Tue Sep 13th, on Sex Crimes |

If you are convicted of an offense and put on the sex offender registry because of it, you could face ongoing requirements to alert law enforcement if you move, start a new school program or get a new...

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