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Identifying Sex Offenders Via Their Passports: Is the Unique Identifier on the Passport Constitutional?

Thu Sep 15th, on Sex Crimes |

In February of 2016, President Barack Obama signed a law into effect which affects the ability of convicted sex offenders to travel. The law requires that a unique identifier be included by the U.S....

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The Sex Offender Registry: Should the Way in Which it is Used Be Changed?

Tue Sep 13th, on Sex Crimes |

If you are convicted of an offense and put on the sex offender registry because of it, you could face ongoing requirements to alert law enforcement if you move, start a new school program or get a new...

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Trying Juveniles as Adults: Changes to the Rules Should Be Considered

Wed Aug 31st, on Criminal Defense Articles |

The juvenile justice system exists because children who are accused of crimes need and deserve to be treated differently than adults. Children can often be rehabilitated and go on to have bright...

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Could Sex Offenders Be Locked Up Forever?

Mon Aug 29th, on Sex Crimes | reported on the controversial effort to permanently confine sex offenders.  The approach involves treating sex offenders as mental patients and locking them up in prison-like hospitals.

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Wrongful Convictions: Is There a Way to Prevent Them?

Wed Aug 24th, on Criminal Investigations |

Within the New York justice system, there have been numerous examples of wrongful convictions where it has become apparent that the wrong person was found guilty of a criminal offense. Wrongful...

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Sharing Prison Space in New York: Placing Teens in Adult Jails

Mon Aug 22nd, on Criminal Defense Articles |

When a teen is arrested for violating the law, it is imperative that parents of the alleged offender get in touch with Albany criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible after accusations are made...

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What’s Life Like for Women in Prison?

Wed Aug 17th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Life in prison is difficult for anyone who is put behind bars. For women, however, being imprisoned creates substantially different risks than for men. Prisons are often not set up to meet the needs...

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Child Pornography Suspect Refuses to Unlock Hard Drive, Faces Imprisonment

Mon Aug 15th, on Sex Crimes |

In March of 2015, a computer was seized by authorities who had been investigating online child pornography. The owner of the computer is a former police sergeant.  Authorities tried to unlock the...

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Due Process Denied: A Look at Sex Offenses on College Campuses

Fri Jul 29th, on College Campus Crimes, Sex Crimes |

Anyone accused of violating the law has the right to the presumption of innocence in the legal system, as well as the right to due process before facing penalties.  Unfortunately, these rights are...

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Sex Crimes: Can Public Pressure Affect Sentencing?

Fri Jul 22nd, on Sex Crimes |

Whenever a defendant gets convicted of a crime, a sentence must be handed down. Despite the fact that there are sentencing guidelines, maximum sentences and even mandatory minimum sentences in some...

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