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Archive by Month: November 2017

The Age of Consent

Thu Nov 30th, on Sex Crimes |

Sex crimes are very serious criminal offenses, and anyone who has been accused of committing this type of crime should consult with Albany sex crime lawyers for help fighting charges that could have...

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The Crackdown on Synthetic Marijuana

Thu Nov 23rd, on Drug Crimes |

Offenses related to controlled substances are taken very seriously in the state of New York and those who are accused of drug crimes should consult with a Schenectady drug defense lawyer to get help...

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Opioid Deaths Decline Where Marijuana is Legal

Thu Nov 16th, on Drug Crimes |

There is an opioid epidemic throughout the United States, and many people with addictions can face serious consequences.  An Albany drug charge attorney can provide representation for those who have...

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Innocent Witnesses Are Being Jailed: Why is This Happening?

Thu Nov 9th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Throughout the country, prosecutors are making use of aggressive tactics to try to fight crime.  In some cases, prosecutors are actually putting innocent witnesses in jail in order to compel them to...

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