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Archive by Month: October 2017

The Sex Offender Registry: Should Kids Be Required to Register?

Tue Oct 31st, on Sex Crimes |

When a defendant is convicted of certain sexual offenses, the defendant can be put onto a sex offender registry. Because of the profound impact that registration can have on a person’s life, anyone...

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The Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes

Tue Oct 24th, on Sex Crimes |

Albany sex crime lawyers can provide you with legal representation if you are accused of committing any type of sex crime. The law takes sex crimes very seriously and some of the harshest penalties in...

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Sextortion: What is It and Should It Be Outlawed?

Tue Oct 17th, on Sex Crimes |

According to Reuters, sextortion is not recognized as a crime in many states throughout the country. Sextortion is defined as a type of extortion that involves the use of sexual images or sexual...

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A Look at Opioid Crimes

Tue Oct 10th, on Drug Crimes |

There is an opioid crisis throughout the United States. Efforts to fight the crisis could result in aggressive efforts at prosecuting alleged offenders. If you are accused of a crime related to...

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