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The Sex Offender Registry: Should Kids Be Required to Register?

Tue Oct 31st, on Articles |

When a defendant is convicted of certain sexual offenses, the defendant can be put onto a sex offender registry. Because of the profound impact that registration can have on a person’s life, anyone...

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The Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes

Tue Oct 24th, on Articles |

Albany sex crime lawyers can provide you with legal representation if you are accused of committing any type of sex crime. The law takes sex crimes very seriously and some of the harshest penalties in...

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Sextortion: What is It and Should It Be Outlawed?

Tue Oct 17th, on Articles |

According to Reuters, sextortion is not recognized as a crime in many states throughout the country. Sextortion is defined as a type of extortion that involves the use of sexual images or sexual...

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A Look at Opioid Crimes

Tue Oct 10th, on Articles |

There is an opioid crisis throughout the United States. Efforts to fight the crisis could result in aggressive efforts at prosecuting alleged offenders. If you are accused of a crime related to...

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Teen Sexting: Should They Be Deemed Sex Offenders?

Fri Sep 29th, on Articles |

Within the United States, sex crimes are some of the most serious crimes a person can be accused of. A conviction for a sex crime can result not only in imprisonment, but in mandatory registration for...

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Federal Drug Defense Attorneys Take a Look at Possible IRS/DOJ Collusion Against Legal Marijuana Businesses

Fri Sep 22nd, on Articles |

Federal drug defense attorneys can provide legal representation to anyone who is accused of drug crimes on the federal level or on the state level.  While many states have relaxed their laws...

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Mandatory Minimums

Fri Sep 15th, on Articles |

The United States has an over-incarceration problem, and many people believe that mandatory minimum sentences are a major cause of this problem.  Mandatory minimum sentences are imposed upon...

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Title IX Reforms

Fri Sep 8th, on Articles |

Title IX is a civil rights law which was passed more than 45 years ago by the U.S. congress to prohibit the exclusion of people based on the sex from any educational programs or activities that...

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National Advocacy Groups Show Support for NY’s Clemency Program

Thu Aug 31st, on Articles |

Schenectady criminal defense attorneys provide representation to individuals accused of criminal offenses with the goal of avoiding a guilty verdict and resulting penalties.  Avoiding conviction or...

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A Look at Familial DNA Testing

Thu Aug 24th, on Articles |

The New York State Commission on Forensic Science has voted 9-2 to approve a new crime-fighting tool: the use of familial DNA.  Pix 11 reported on the approval, which was celebrated by the parents of...

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