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National Advocacy Groups Show Support for NY’s Clemency Program

Thu Aug 31st, on Articles |

Schenectady criminal defense attorneys provide representation to individuals accused of criminal offenses with the goal of avoiding a guilty verdict and resulting penalties.  Avoiding conviction or...

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A Look at Familial DNA Testing

Thu Aug 24th, on Articles |

The New York State Commission on Forensic Science has voted 9-2 to approve a new crime-fighting tool: the use of familial DNA.  Pix 11 reported on the approval, which was celebrated by the parents of...

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Lies: When Do They Amount to Fraud?

Thu Aug 17th, on Articles |

A New York City federal criminal defense attorney can provide representation to clients who have been accused of fraud. Fraud offenses are often serious and can result in a harsh prison sentence if a...

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Advocates Rally Against New York’s “Blindfold” Law

Thu Aug 10th, on Articles |

When you are accused of breaking the law, a lot is at stake. Your future hangs in the balance and you want to make sure you have a skilled Albany criminal defense attorney who can provide you with...

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Young Prisoners Serving Life Without Parole

Mon Jul 31st, on Articles |

When you are faced with charges that carry a lengthy prison term, it is vital to talk with a New York defense lawyer to try to minimize the serious consequences you're facing or to try to avoid a...

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New DNA Tool is Helping to Crack Old Cases

Thu Jul 27th, on Articles |

Scientific evidence can present challenges for accused defendants who are hoping to earn acquittals by defending against a prosecutor's case. The problem is, many members of the jury believe...

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Court Affirms New York State Law Governing Anonymous Juries

Thu Jul 20th, on Articles |

In some criminal proceedings, the identity of jurors can be withheld. Typically, this occurs in sensitive cases where there may be a risk to the safety of the jury members or in situations where it is...

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Campus Rape Policies Get a New Look

Thu Jul 13th, on Articles |

There are safeguards built into the criminal justice system to protect the rights of defendants who have been accused of sexual assault and related offenses – including the right to hire an attorney...

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DOJ Backing Away from Oversight of Police Departments with Consent Decrees

Fri Apr 28th, on Articles |

Some police departments throughout the United States have been accused of not respecting the civil rights of community members. In particular, there have been specific police departments which have...

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Efforts are Underway in New York City to Make Revenge Porn a Crime

Wed Apr 26th, on Articles |

A New York City federal sex crime defense attorney can defend individuals accused of various types of sexual offenses. There are many different kinds of behaviors that could result in criminal charges...

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