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Some NY Prosecutors Have Stopped Seeking Bail in Minor Cases

Fri Feb 23rd, on Articles |

When you are arrested, it's important to reach out to an Albany criminal defense attorney right away for help. You need to get the proper legal assistance because you need an attorney to work with you...

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A Look at Cybercrimes: Many Often Go Unreported

Fri Feb 16th, on Articles |

Albany criminal defense attorneys provide representation to clients who are accused of all different types of criminal offenses, including clients accused of cybercrimes. While some cybercrimes are...

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Misuse of the Badge? How Some Police Use Their Badges to Commit Sex Crimes

Fri Feb 9th, on Articles |

An Albany criminal defense attorney helps victims who have been accused of violating the law in connection with sexual misconduct. Being accused of a sex crime is serious and can be life changing, and...

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Child Sex Abuse Reform Proposed in NY

Fri Feb 2nd, on Articles |

A Schenectady sex crime defense attorney can provide legal representation to defendants who have been accused of committing sexual offenses. If a new policy proposal to extend the timeline for...

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A Look at Changes Made to the Marijuana Policy

Mon Jan 29th, on Articles |

While President Obama was in office, public attitudes towards recreational and medicinal marijuana changed, and the laws changed in many states as well.

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DOJ Examines Confinement of Sex Offenders in New York

Mon Jan 22nd, on Articles |

In the state of New York, being branded as a sex offender can have very far-reaching consequences. In fact, New York has a controversial system for civil confinement that the Department of Justice is...

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NY Prisons Limit Books Accessible to Inmates

Mon Jan 15th, on Articles |

Albany criminal defense attorneys can provide you with representation if you have been accused of criminal conduct and are facing jail or prison time.  You want to do everything possible to fight...

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Sexual Harassment: Lawmakers Argue for Tougher Laws

Mon Jan 8th, on Articles |

In the state of New York, there are strict rules in place prohibiting sexual offenses. A New York sex crimes defense attorney should be consulted if you have been accused of a sex crime as you could...

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America's Prisons: A Look at Some of the Problems

Fri Dec 29th, on Articles |

A Schenectady criminal defense attorney provides help to defendants accused of criminal offenses. The goal of a defense attorney is to work with clients to maximize the chances that a conviction can...

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Supreme Court to Rule on Significant Fourth Amendment Case

Fri Dec 22nd, on Articles |

The Fourth Amendment provides important protections against unlawful search and unlawful seizure. A New York City federal criminal defense attorney can provide representation to defendants in ensuring...

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